Custom Violin | Fiddle | String Track Rates

Professionally Recorded Violin | Fiddle | String Parts for Your Project

Custom Loop

  • Up to 8 Bar Custom Loop

  • Solo Violin / Fiddle

  • Apple Loop or WAV Format

  • Work to Your Key and Tempo

Custom Track

  • Single Violin | Fiddle Part

  • Standard Song Duration

  • Improvised or Directed

  • Score from MIDI File if Needed

Additional Tracks

  • Add-On to Custom Track

  • String Section Parts

  • Sync with Existing Parts

  • Unison Double Also Avaliable

Custom Recorded Violin Fiddle or String Loop

If you need a Custom Loop to fly in at various locations in your composition, we would be happy to help create that for you.  All we need is a clip of your guide track mix to work from. You only need to specify either the bar number or the min:sec start time.  If you need the final output loop in AppleLoop format we can also take care of that for you.

Custom Recorded Standard Track

We specialize in composing and recording violin or fiddle tracks specific to your song. The 2 main aproaches to this are either Directed or Improvised.  

  • Directed - Please provide an isolated recording or MIDI file of the part that you want to have played with real violin.

  • Improvised - We can come up with a violin of fiddle part that works with the style and feel of your song.  You get to make the final call and we don’t bill you until you get what you need.

Check out the Recording Page of the site for a detailed run-down on how to prepare a guide mix that will give you the best results.

If you have a specific part that you want re-played with real violin, we can absolutely do that.  If it is a fairly straightforward melodic line we are happy to do it “by ear”.  If the part is longer or more complex, please provide a MIDI file of the part.  We can print a score from that to ensure that we don’t miss a note. 

Additional Tracks

Sometimes songs need doubled parts or layered strings to achive the desired texture.  We can provide additional violin or string lines and either compose those to work with the existing violin part or play the parts you have already composed.  If you need us to play specific parts, please provide a MIDI file or isolated track(s) that demonstrate the lines you want played.

If you have any questions or need something specific to your particular composition, don’t hesitate to reach out.  This service exists to help make your music great.

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