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Ian Cameron (aka. efiddler) 

Since the early 2000’s I have been conducting remote recording sessions over the internet.  Back then a revolutionary convergence transpired between expanding broad band internet connectivity and advancements in PC based recording.  

These technologies are something we all take for granted now, but when they first emerged they facitiated a complete game change in the recording process.  Musicians were no longer constrained in their collaboarations buy geographic location.  Artists could now work with instrumentalists, singers and producers anywhere on the planet.  

Additionally, the new computer based DAW recording setups were a huge advancement in the democratization of access to master quality recording technology for all musicians since commercial studios and prohibitive budgets were no longer required.  

Since that time, I have had the pleasure and honour of contributing my efforts to thousands of projects.  Below is a sampling of some of the responses I have had back from clients.

I want to sincerely thank all of my clients for allowing me to contibute to their creative endeavours and entrusting me with their work.  I truly appreciate their talents, positive energy and continuing support and referrals. Cheers!

Mick W. - UK

The track sounds great. Exactly what I wanted. Once again thanks. I love what you've done.

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David P. - Australia

Files safely downloaded [bloody awesome] Its been an absolute pleasure working with you Ian and I know we will do much more together in the near future.

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Charles P. - France

Ian est un excellent violoniste, qui par son feeling et sa précision millimétrique, donne une autre dimension à votre musique. Hautement recommandé!

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Ben K. - Canada

Holy crap, you nailed that down to the floor. Thanks a million. Can you email an invoice?

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Rick S. - Canada

IANNNNNNN!!!!!!!! Fucking killer , love it . I sent it off to the executive people . I connect you to the money tomorrow .... er later today . Fucking awesome Ian YAAAAA!!!!

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Bill B. - USA

That's awesome, been a while since I've gotten goose bumps! Thanks man.

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Jon R. - USA

Hail Ian, Master of all things Stringed, Gary and I both downloaded the file, and we both agree that it is really great. That was what he was hearing in his head.

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Jørn H. - Denmark

Thank you so much, you play fantastic and its sounds so great !!! I have got what I wanted, and there are so many ways that I can mix the tracks...

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Angelo D.- Canada

Man, you actually read my mind of what I wanted but I didn't even bother trying to explain it. That is pretty much THE riff I had in mind. Please invoice me so I may pay for this masterpiece immediately! If I need absolutely anymore strings tracks, you are the guy! I do a lot of producing and engineering for other people around town too so I'll make sure you're the go to guy for session work.

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Steve S. - USA

Ian you R A W K. Absolutely FANTASTIC. Thank you so much for the quick turn around! These are brilliant.

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Sam B. - USA

I love the way you followed the guitar parts in it...The build up in the end of the song was good too...I loved it...That walk you did right in the end of the song I noticed you held one note until the little walk and I loved it...It really built the last of the song up great...Great ending...

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Atle A. - Norway

We are very happy with the fiddles. All thumbs up! You sound good, and the arrangement suits the song.

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Gary R. - USA

Ian Very pleased with what you have done with my song. I will have more for you to do and I hope to use you a lot in future endeavors.

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Ron H. - USA

Thanks again, and thanks for the "extra" effort provided. We will be using you in the future should more fiddle work arise.

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Daniel M.- USA

Ian, WOW, you have exceeded my expectations. I could not be more pleased! I can't thank you enough for your efforts. The tracks mixed in with ease. I hope to do more business in the future.

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Darryl S. - USA

Sounds absolutely fabulous! I wish all of the musicians I worked with had such psychic ability to match my musical taste.

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Andrew D. – UK

Hi Ian, Just wanted to say thanks again for the great Tracks, this project wouldn't have turned out nearly as cool without you.

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Charlie M. - USA

Ian sounds great! I will be calling you again for future songs. Thanks.

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Keith R. – USA

Thank you! The tracks are brilliant--elegant and beautiful. Thanks again!

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Don A.- USA

Hi Ian, The track is fabulous. I dropped it in and it works fine. You gave it what it needed. It really swings.

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Jim K. - Canada

Hey Ian, Got everything in, and it's working out great. Thanks again! I'll be sending more.

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Rob J.- USA

Wanted to let you know that my co-writer really likes the job you did as well. Thanks for the fast turnaround on the song! We will definitely use you in the future when more fiddle work comes up. Thanks.

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Olivier D. - UK

All is perfect for me and I thank you for your quick and clean work.

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Kjetil L. - Norway

I totally love it! Perfect as always Ian👌
I’m so happy to have access to your musical skills🤩

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Award Nominations

placeholder image

Pop Instrumental Category

Rumbadoodle - Arun Shenoy Producer
Ian Cameron - Composer / Violinist 

placeholder image

New Age Category

Voyager - Catherine Duc Producer
Ian Cameron - Violin / Guitar / Mandolin

Collaboration in the 21st Century

The work of efiddler Ian Cameron has twice been nominated for GRAMMY® awards. First as composer and violinist in the Pop Instrumental category for the album Rumbadoodle by Singapore based producer Arun Shenoy. The second nomination was for violin, guitar and mandolin in the World Music category for the album Voyager by Catherine Duc.

Both of these collaborative projects were conducted entirely on-line which attests to the new global creative process. Immense thanks to both of these talented producers for inviting me to contribute to their artistic enedeavours.  Thanks also to the thousands of creators who have used the efiddler's FiddleLoops and ViolinLoops content to enhance their sonic "visions".