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Destination Cortez Island
"The whole of the narrative is beautifully tied together with the people, past and present ... the photographs and captions, carefully related to the text, give life and color to the book...it is good history and better reading."
- Hewitt R. Jackson, 48ºNorth

"(This) book is a blend of memoir and oral history. Her prose is as engaging, lively and outspoken as the lady herself, and she sketches vivid pictures..."
- Duart Snow, Pacific Yachting

"(This) book is a delicious mix of coastal history, earthy humour, and June's insightful observations on a wide range of subjects. June chooses her words carefully in her marvelous descriptions of the coast and its many inhabitants, both human and non-human. Destination Cortez Island will interest anyone who enjoys good storytelling and is intrigued by coastal history."
- Tanya Storr, Discovery Islander

"The particular appeal of Destination Cortez Island stems from the copious amount of photographs, especially those featuring the variety of small water craft that were essential to life along the coast before World War II. As well, Cameron does not take her reader for granted; instead, she takes the effort to explain the mundane details of coastal living in the 1920s and 1930s which may be unfamiliar to many of her readers today."
- Rick James, Northern Mariner

"The author catches the joy of summers on the islands and boating very well. It is a light and personable memoir."
- B. C. Historical Federation

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Shelter From The Storm

Shelter From The Storm describes how June found her way back by buying a sailboat and teaching herself first to sail it, and then to race it with her female crew, and finally to handle it by herself. This book is also about the courage to dream about what was up the next channel or around the next point, and to follow her dreams whether they led around that next headland or back to her own past. It's a great story, and as always, June tells it well.
- Duart Snow, Pacific Yachting

Whether you are a seasoned sailor, a self-avowed landlubber, or somewhere In between, June Cameron's latest book Shelter From The Storm is bound to keep you turning pages. This autobiographical account of June's decades as a sailor-both as a racer and cruiser/explorer-is a delightful mix of salty lore, coastal history, and personal reflection. On several occasions, alone or with company, June tackled challenges thrown at her by the weather, currents, and gear failures. Each time June describes such an incident, she recounts what she learned from the experience.

The last two paragraphs in Shelter From The Storm may well be, as one Critic phrased it, "worth the price of the book". In these paragraphs June outlines her philosophy of life as "a series of capes to be rounded, each one leading you to shelter from the storm". With each challenge accepted and mastered, she observes, the next one becomes less of a threat.
Tanya Storr, Discovery Islander

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