Get Custom Violin or Fiddle Tracks

Here's what to do. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact me. Please send over an email before submitting a file so I can give you an estimated turnaround time. As production schedules can be tight sometimes I want to make sure that you get your tracks in time.

Guide Mix

Create a mix of your song, please try to include all the tracks that you plan to keep so that there are no potential conflicts between your parts and the new tracks. If the vocal track is a scratch, mix it a little lower than you would for your final mix to avoid pitch problems.


To make sure my tracks and your tracks lock in perfect sync, please mix in your "count in" click, or have some audible cue in the mix before the song starts. I'll print that click on all the finished tracks so that you can accurately line them up with your mix. When you have the final tracks in place you can erase these markers.

Convert your mix to an mp3 or AAC and simply email it. These formats work very well for a guide track when recording. If you want to send full AIFF, WAV or CAF please do so using a file transfer service or FTP.

Important Information

Attach the mp3 or AAC to an e-mail and send it to In the message, please indicate the following:

Got Your New Violin or Fiddle Track Back?

After you're satisfied and approve the finished tracks and payment is completed, you will receive a link to download the new tracks. Consult your software documentation for instructions on importing audio files to tracks and nudging or sliding them into position.

After you have imported the violin or fiddle tracks, line up the start point for all the new string tracks and slide or nudge them so that the count in click or audio cue on the string tracks line up with the same click or cue in your existing session. Zoom is to do this visually and also listen for flanging on the click or count, this indicates that they are locked.

If you have any questions or want a quick no obligation quote, feel free to contact us.