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Download Violin and Fiddle Loops and Samples Here

efiddler.com gives you instant online access to real violin and fiddle loops and samples for your recording projects. The efiddler Loop Store features thousands of royalty free violin loops, fiddle loops, violin and fiddle samples along with string samples for your recording projects. This collection will be expanding weekly and is going to be the largest collection of royalty free violin, fiddle and string loops and samples available.

Only What You Want

Unlike sample CDs where you are forced to buy content that you never use, the efiddler loop store lets you select only the fiddle and violin loops and samples that you want. The objective is to make this the most efficient resource for quickly finding the violin or fiddle part that you need when composing or producing without paying for stuff you don't want.

You can sort the entire catalogue based on key, tempo or genre. Either find the licks or riffs you need to enhance your current track or use these loops and samples to inspire completely new songs.

Need Something More?

efiddler can also record violin tracks and fiddle tracks specifically for your project. 24 bit files can be sent to you via FTP in WAV or AIF format supporting Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Sonar, Ableton Live or any digital recorder that can import audio files. Getting master quality violin tracks or fiddle tracks on your recordings is simple and I can assist in every step. If you need some custom violin tracks, fiddle tracks or loops for your project, just contact me for a no obligation quote. Read what past clients have to say.

efiddler uses only the finest available gear including Avalon Preamps, Neumann mics and Apogee converters and specializes in the highest quality, royalty free violin tracks, fiddle tracks, string tracks and samples for your digital recordings.

Grammys2013 Grammy Nomination

efiddler Ian Cameron is honored to have co-written and played violin on the title track of the album "Rumbadoodle" which was nominated for Best Pop Instrumental Album of the Year at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Congratulations to project producer and efiddler client Arun Shenoy of Singapore for his brilliant work. Cameron also co-wrote and played on the album cut "The Violin Song"