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The FiddleLoops Loop store features thousands of royalty free Violin Loops, Fiddle Loops and String Loops along with violin, fiddle and string samples. All String Loops, Violin Loops and Fiddle Loops come in both WAV and Apple Loop format. Choose from thousands of unique solo fiddle, violin and string parts, all recorded at 24 bit using the highest quality studio equipment.

Only the String Loops, Fiddle Loops and Violin Loops You Want.

If you compose or produce music using samples or loops you know that most collections include a lot of loops or samples that you might never use. Why pay for unnecessary content? The FiddleLoops loop store lets you select only the Fiddle Loops, Violin Loops and Royalty Free String Loops and Samples that you want.

You can quickly search through the entire catalogue based on key, tempo or genre. All Loops and Samples are named with the key, tempo and a short description. Either find the String Loop, Fiddle Loop or Violin Loop you need to enhance your current production, or use these loops and samples to inspire completely new songs.

Royalty Free String Loops - Fiddle Loops - Violin Loops - Click Here

Once you have selected the loops you want and check out using the security of PayPal you will immediately receive an email with your download link and code. This is the fastest and easiest way to get master quality professional violin, string and fiddle parts for your productions.